Anand Express (2017)

How far would you go for your best friend? Teenagers Kenny, Neeraj and Wasim are determined to fulfil their friend Anand’s dream. He always wanted to go to Anand in Gujarat – to ‘be Anand in Anand’. When he dies unexpectedly, they run away with his ashes on an epic mission to honour their friendship and to put right all that has gone wrong. The race to get Anand to Anand before the adults catch up with them takes our teenage heroes on an exhilarating, comic, and emotional journey.

Anand Express is an action-packed and powerful story about the exuberance of youth, loss, hope and the meaning of friendship.


“…a portrait of a long friendship, which like all lasting relationships is filled with brotherhood, betrayal and forgiveness.” – The Daily Pao

“…a simple, sad-sweet story of three friends stealing their dead friend’s ashes from his insensitive family to disperse them in Anand, the centre of a dairy revolution in India, to make his dream come true.” – The Quint read more

“Memories of a simpler time.” – The Hindu read more

“…a play that will draw in the young – who will identify with it completely – and the young at heart who will be taken back to their good old days!” – The Verve read more

  • Written by: Carl Miller
  • Based on the novel “Ostrich Boys” by: Keith Gray
  • Indian Adaptation: Akarsh Khurana
  • Directed by: Nadir Khan
  • The Cast: Chaitnya Sharma, Siddharth Kumar, Sukant Goel, Vivaan Shah
  • Set Design: Fali Unwalla
    Light Design & Execution:
    Arghya Lahiri
    Video Content Director:
    Pushan Kripalani
  • Video Content Producer: Final Call Productions
  • Illustrations: TRIP Creative Services
  • Music Composition & Design: Kaizad Gherda
  • Costume Design: Malaika Choudhury & Aashima Belapurkar
  • Visual Architect: Percival Crasto, Pixelight
  • Photography: Neville Sukhia
    Originally produced for AADYAM: An Aditya Birla Group initiative