Class of ‘84 (2003)

They became friends in their first year of college.

Graduated in 1984.

Some found careers. Some found God.
Some got rich. Some got stoned.
Some loved. Some lost.
All of them stayed friends.
Now one of them is dead.
Can their friendship survive?

Class of ’84 is a roller-coaster ride about friendship, filled with pathos and humour.

The play opened in January 2003 and has completed over 300 shows, making it one of the longest running Indian-English plays of all time. It has been staged across India as well as internationally in Malaysia, Oman and UAE. These performances have been for regular audiences as well as sold out shows for clients in both auditorium as well as supper theatre settings.


“A toast to friendship of the rare precious kind that allows you to bear your soul.” – Hindustan Times

“It made you laugh, it made you cry. And amidst all that, it revived old memories of college life.” – Pune Times

“The script reflected the modern Indian ethos, with all eight characters distilled to near perfection and easily identifiable as someone all of us know.” – Khaleej Times, Dubai

“It is hard to believe that Class of ’84 is Rahul da Cunha’s debut play as a writer. Harder still to believe that words can be handled with such precision.” – Tribune, Chandigarh

“Da Cunha’s play is about the intangible tricky thing called human relationships. There’s a tight plot with lines that come fast and bang on time. While the play makes you think a little and wonder how much you really know your friends, it certainly doesn’t lose the shining quality of entertainment that is etched in every aspect of the production.” – Indian Express, Chennai

“Great acting, excellent light and sound, a beautiful theme song combined with innumerable lines of wit and barb that kept popping and loads and loads of real-life sentimentality – the 80-minutes long play kept the thousand strong audience at the open-air stage truly regaled.” – The Hindu, Hyderabad

“The premise of the play offered potential for feel-good banter and a dash of intrigue. But writer-director Rahul da Cunha looks beyond sitcom banter and suspense. And if he does that with commendable poise, that’s thanks to some brilliantly etched characters which are the mainstay of this Rage production.” – The New Sunday Express, Bangalore

  • Written and Directed by: Rahul da Cunha
  • The Cast: Devika Shahani, Dipika Roy/Anahita Uberoi, Rajit Kapur, Rituraj Singh, Shernaz Patel, Sohrab Ardeshir, Vikrant Chaturvedi/Joy Sengupta, Zafar Karachiwala
  • Light Design: Prahlad Upadhyay
  • Set Design: Xheight Design Studio
  • Sound Design and Music Score: Mahesh Tinaikar
  • Theme Song Sung By: KK
  • Photography: Kavi Bhansali
  • On Lights: Yael Crishna
  • Original Primary Sponsor: Reid and Taylor
  • Original official Radio Station: GO 92.5 FM
  • Costumes Courtesy: Shoppers Stop
  • Footwear Courtesy: Joy Shoes