Epilogue (2007)

This is a universe unlike any we know. The rules of physics do not apply. The concept of time does not exist. Dead men walk. Ghosts are haunted. Dreams have a terrible power. But even in this twilight place, we find signposts from our own world: humour, deadlines, sex, stories, flatulence. And above all, the deeply transformative power of love.

The play premiered at the Writers Bloc 2 Festival in 2007.


“The humour lacing the play is naturally dark but woven well to bring out the bitter sweetness of relationships and life rather than stand out as relief…. But the real trump card is love-which flies out unfettered from the script and its production.” – Mumbai Mirror

“For once a play about Parsis that doesn’t make them out to be congenital oddballs….A fine piece of work, Epilogue is tautly written and intensely dramatic.” – Time Out, Mumbai

“The Writers’ Bloc festival was off to a propitious start with Maia Katrak’s Epilogue directed by Rajit Kapur…where has the director in him been hiding?…and with a sterling cast…excellent play…starting from the simple occurrence of a man’s sudden death, Katrak builds a complex, funny and moving play.” – Times of India

  • Written by: Maia Katrak
  • Directed by: Rajit Kapur
    The Cast: Meher Acharia-Dar, Mukul Chadda, Nadir Khan, Neil Bhoopalam, Shernaz Patel and Sohrab Ardeshir
  • Light Design: Pushan Kripalani
  • Set Design: Xheight Design
  • Sound Design: Siddharth Coutto