Going Solo 2 – Living on the Edge (2001)

After the success of Going Solo, the three directors/producers collaborated on a second evening of 11 monologues in 2001. The sequel pushed the envelope with more disturbing pieces. Running the gamut from rape and marital stress to road rage and schizoid nervousness, it looked insightfully at quirks and foibles dogging daily city life.


“The different threads of these monologues weave the threads of this crazy city – this melting pot of good, bad and ugly – and the way we live in this long and lonely island.” – The Asian Age, Mumbai 

  • Written by: Rahul da Cunha, Vikram Kapadia & Anahita Uberoi
  • Produced in association with: Masque and Ohinniyan
    The Cast (Rage monologues): Radhika Mital, Sohrab Ardeshir, Zafar Karachiwala
  • Light Design: Vikram Kapadia
  • The Team: Riva Pocha, Deep Dudani, Niloufer Sagar, Chirodeep Mitra
  • Make Up: Nandu Wadke
  • Women’s Costumes Courtesy: O.M.O
  • Shoes Courtesy: Joy Shoes