Hard Places (UK-India Production) (2012)

This production of Hard Places (originally produced in 2004) brought together theatre practitioners from the UK and India. It was directed by Chris White, a theatre director from London and produced by The Mercury Theatre Company and Tinderbox from the UK and Rage. The actors were also a mix of talents from both countries.

Not just the play, but the student plays read before the main show were a unique way to bring artists from two countries together and to actually erase borders through art.

Hard Places opened at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, UK on Sept. 5th 2012 and then premiered in Mumbai at the Prithvi Festival followed by performances in Gurgaon and Cochin.

  • Written by: Farhad Sorabjee
  • Directed by: Chris White
  • Co-produced by: Rebecca Gould
  • The Cast: Shernaz Patel, Nabil Stuart, Jasmina Daniel
  • Designed by: Paul Burgess
  • Music Composition: Ansuman Biswas
  • Lighting Design (UK): Cis O’Boyle
  • Sound Design: Marcus Christensen
  • Sound Consultant (India): Gautam Dhanu
  • Lights (India): Hidayat Sami
  • Sets (India): Dhanendra Kawade