I’m not Bajirao (1996)

Set in Five Gardens in Dadar, Mumbai, two old men, Madhukar Kulkarni, a Maharashtrian ex-freedom fighter, and Dhunjisha Batliwala, the Parsi ageing secretary of a building society, meet every day on their self-assigned park bench. Here they engage in a series of adventures with hilarious consequences.

Running for over 10 years, Bajirao played to packed halls with people pleading for black-market tickets before “House Full” boards. More importantly, for the first time in theatre outside the realm of revues, the play was an adroit Indianised adaptation which caught just the right rhythms of Bombay English…peppered with a colloquial mix of Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi languages.


“A warm-hearted, truth-laden play which proves both an evening of wholesome entertainment and a reminder that the old are not unnecessary but are miracles, like the just born.” – The Times Of India

“It made you laugh, it made you smile, not at the characters, but with them. It made you ache with their loneliness and left-overness from what was a fruitful life, now behind them. They drew you into their world.” – The Afternoon, Mumbai

“Rahul da Cunha has given Indians something that is all their own, something that they can embrace and something that is relevant to their cultural ethos. And he has done so by turning the play into a gentle tragic-comic satire about Mumbai that gets the subtleties and nuances of the city so right.” – Sunday Mid-Day

“Sudhir Joshi plays a laid-back, confident Madhukar making up fanciful stories to hide a humdrum past with consummate grace and poise and gives a superb performance.” – I.G., Upbeat

“Boman Irani’s magnificent Dhunjisha is one of those characterizations whose sheer “rightness” cannot be described in words. It goes straight into this critic’s short-list of the most memorable performances he has ever seen.” – The Times of India

  • Adapted & Directed by: Rahul da Cunha
  • The Cast: Sudhir Joshi, Boman Irani, Sharukh Irani/Sohrab Ardeshir, Kunal Vijaykar, Archana Patankar, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Pooja Mehta/Dilnaz Irani
  • Set Design: Fali Unwalla
  • Light Design: Kaivan Mistry and Prahlad Upadhyay
    Make-Up: Nandu Wadke
    Our Team: Niloufer Sagar, Deep Dudani, Lalita Iyer, Sarosh Patel, Farhad Wadia, Aun Indulkar
    Primary Sponsors: Khaleej Times & S. Kumars
    Footwear Courtesy: Joy Shoes
  • Furniture Courtesy: The Bombay Store
  • Costumes Courtesy: Shoppers Stop
  • Fibreglass Courtesy: FGP Ltd