Naqqaash (2016)

In the village without men, why are the women singing in the streets?
Why is Aklu the knife maker, the only male who stayed?
Will he be arrested?
What really happened at the factory where Aklu’s son works?
Will the cops come clean, or hide behind their smokescreen of contradictions?
Who is the Oppressor, who the Oppressed?


“Naqqaash is a howl of protest against the unimaginable brutality, marginalised groups are subjected to.” – The Hindu read more

“It (the play) is sensitive and telling, especially in our times today. It calls for our empathy and for a larger collective inquiry into the iniquitous systems prevailing in our society, fuelled by prejudice and sheer callousness.” – Mumbai Theatre Guide read more

  • Written by: Asad Hussain
  • Directed by: Rajit Kapur
  • The Cast: Shubhrojyoti Barat, Prince aka Jaswinder, Sukant Goel, Gagandev Riar, Ajitesh Gupta, Nishchal Chandra, Ajit Singh, Anuj Khurana and Alka Sharma.
  • The Women: Kajli Sharma, Anuradha Athlekar, Jahnavi Dave, Mahnaz Damania, Rati Tripathi, Vedheca Maelpani, Manjari Pupala & Swati Das.
  • Light Design: Yael Crishna
  • Set Design: Dhanendra Kawade
  • Costumes: Gibran Anwar
  • Photography: Kaushik Chakravorty, Shawn Lewis