Twelve Angry Jurors (2016)

A young man has been charged with the murder of his own father.

A guilty verdict will be accompanied by a mandatory death sentence.

The jury must decide.

Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Jurors begins with an eighteen year old boy, from a slum, who is on trial for the murder of his abusive father.  A jury of twelve people is locked in the deliberation room to decide the fate of the young boy. If there is reasonable doubt, the boy is freed. If there is none, he dies. All evidence is against the boy and a guilty verdict would send him to his death. But the judgement must be unanimous.

Twelve Angry Jurors is an examination of many themes. Justice, social inequality, and social responsibility among them, but at its very heart, it is a damning exploration of a world that is too ready and too quick to accept explanations that are handed to them. Just because one is offered something, does not mean that one has to accept it. Especially when someone’s life, freedom or even reputation is at stake.

Brilliantly written, blindingly perceptive and deceptively subtle, Twelve Angry Jurors forces you to remember that, at the end of the day, you are a human being. And you live in a world inhabited by other human beings.


“The uniformly good acting, together with a great script and effective direction, make this play a must watch.” –

Twelve Angry Jurors is a brilliantly written play with subtle nuances and terrifying perception. It forces us to look at ourselves in the light of the conflict on stage.” – The Asian Age

“…the performances were scintillating, the dialogues thought provoking and fitting very well in the Indian context, the editing -tight, the props masterpieces each, Nadir Khan’s direction- smart, the actors- seasoned and composed.” –

“The message of the play was about the lenses we use—consciously or subconsciously—to view the world and, therein, base our thoughts and decisions.” – The Week

  • Written by: Reginald Rose
  • Directed by: Nadir Khan
  • The Cast: Ayaz Ansari, Deven Khote, Devika Shahani, Dhanendra Kawade/Ajitesh Gupta, Dipika Roy, Nikhil Murali, Prerna Chawla, Rajit Kapur, Rohit Malkani, Shivani Tanksale, Shivani Savant, Sohrab Ardeshir, Suresh Venkat
  • Judge’s Voice: Shishir Sharma
  • Associate Director: Vivek Madan
  • Script Consultant: Akarsh Khurana
  • Set Design: Xheight Design, Arghya Lahiri
  • Music Composition & Design: Kaizad Gherda
  • Costume Design: Rimjhim Sen
  • Videography: Pushan Kripalani & Final Call Productions
  • Projection Designer & Visual Architect: Percival Crasto, Pixelight
  • Production Controllers: Ayaz Ansari & Jinal Shah
  • On Lights: Yael Crishna
  • Make Up: Nandu Wadke
  • Footwear Courtesy: JOY SHOES
  • Originally produced for Aadyam: An Aditya Birla Group initiative
  • The production of Twelve Angry Jurors is presented by special amateur licence arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD